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Concerns of PVC and other halogenated conduits for Electrical & Data cabling

Polymers such as PVC are being phased out in certain applications, especially in enclosed, high-density cable applications, that in the event of fire they produce highly toxic and corrosive gas to not only human exposure but also can damage electronic equipment exposed to the fumes. These gases when released to atmosphere also bear substantial environmental damage.

With increasing attention to risk management and environmental sustainability, there has been a growing interest in materials used in modern construction practice.

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Evcco LSZH-FR conduit flame test comparison to PVC conduit flame test shows heavy black smoke

Low Smoke
No toxic Chlorinated gases or Dioxins released when exposed to fire compared to PVC conduit

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Living Building Challenge projects
The LBC is a philosophy, certification and advocacy tool for projects to move beyond merely being ‘less bad’ toward becoming truly regenerative.

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