When your next project is a High Risk application or Green Building certification.

20mm to 150mm


Low Smoke Zero Halogen

Halogen Free Flame Retardant

Concerns of PVC and other halogenated conduits for Electrical & Data cabling?

Health risks & collateral damage as a result of fire

The fire itself has nearly become a secondary problem. The side effects of fire are the most pressing areas of concern Statistics show conclusively that human beings are seldom harmed by heat or flames.

Most accidents and death in a fire are often the result of corrosive and toxic fume inhalation. Corrosive and acid gas formation in fire situations can cause substantial damage to electronic equipment, such as computers, phones, video and data installations and in most cases the damage is irreversible.

Evcco conduit systems have low environmental impact

Some conduit materials are restricted from landfill, various waste streams and contain toxic elements, when incinerated will release dioxins and other chemical compounds.

Certain Green Building Certification programs prohibit the use of specific materials including PVC and products containing halogenated flame retardants, under these conditions it can be difficult validating compliance.

  • Green Building Council of Australia - Green Star
  • United States Green Building Councile - LEED
  • International Living Future Institute - Living Building Challenge
  • Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method - BREEAM


  • Higher impact resistance compared to PVC
  • Up to 40% lighter than PVC
  • Suitable for general recycling or depositing in landfill

In the event of fire

  • Reduced smoke density, giving better visibility at fire exits and to rescue teams
  • No corrosive or acid gas formation

Watch the video demonstrating the flame retardancy and impact strength of our low smoke zero halogen conduit.

Comparison video of smoke generation and impact strength between PVC conduit and Evcco conduit