Why Evcco?


The Evcco brand of LSZH-FR (Low Smoke Zero Halogen Flame Retardant) conduit and fittings are manufactured by Albatech Pty Ltd. in Sydney, Australia.
Emphasis is in the production of eco friendly products that reduce or minimise environmental impacts caused by traditional materials.
No toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process and our products, which are easily recycled, do not contain any Organo-Halides or Heavy Metals.

Through constant research & development, our goal is to offer the highest quality and performance at the most cost effective level that will meet or exceed current performance standards.
Using state of the art equipment in combination with high technology materials we can deliver substantial benefits over other materials.

In concert with producing high quality products we are also committed to minimising our environmental impact through an active and responsible approach which is supported by our adherence to ISO9001 QMS & ISO14001 EMS, both management systems are certified and audited. 
In 2009 we commissioned an LCA by the Carbon Reduction Institute to validate GHG emissions.

Evcco products have been independently tested and are compliant to:-

AS/NZS 2053:2001
Conduits & Fittings For Electrical Installations
AS/ACIF S008:2006
T HR SS 80002 ST
Low Voltage Electrical Installations (Transport for NSW)
EN 61386-21
Conduit Systems For Cable Management
Non-Metallic Materials For Use In Underground Coal Mines