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Post date: 2018 September 17th

Additions to the adaptable box range

Two additions are provided in the following sizes:

LSZH-FR HFT Electrical Box
Post date: 2018 September 10th

Evcco double and single switch boxes that are compliant to BS4607

Both switch boxes are available with 20mm, 25mm knockouts and solid sides.

Post date: 2018 September 1st

Female Threaded Adaptors ( Plain to Screwed Couplings ) and Threaded Bushes

Female Threaded Adaptors are available in sizes 20mm, 25mm and 32mm in Black, Light Grey, Orange and White.

LSZH-FR Threaded Adaptor
Post date: 2017 March 1st

Smart-bend offers a unique approach to conduit bends through individual segments that “Snap-Lock” together. This concept allows bends to be assembled on site to provide various angles from 7.5 degrees to 90 degrees and beyond if necessary.

Smart bend for LSZH-FR HFT electrical conduit
Post date: 2015 July 28th

Evcco conduit & fittings are now listed on the Living Building Challenge - Declare program.

Evcco Delcare label electrical conduit
Post date: 2014 July 3rd

Using Evcco's advanced material formulated for 3D printing, a limitless range of fittings are now available.

Some recent examples are shown.